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It's chemically altered i like to think "enhanced" to prevent deactivation by IGF-1 binding proteins in the bloodstream. What other benefits? When your muscle is damaged your body releases a pulse of an MGF splice variant as i outlined above, followed by a less anabolic longer acting version from the liver


IGF-1 is basically a polypeptide hormone that has the same some of the same molecular properties as insulin. IGF dose actually stand for insulin-like growth factor.

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IGF-1 is mainly responsible for long bone growth in children and it also affects muscle growth and repair of adults. It's chemically altered i like to think "enhanced" to prevent deactivation by IGF-1 binding proteins in the bloodstream. This results in a longer half-life of hours instead of 20 min So that means a far more effective version than the short chain we we re perhaps more familiar with.

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So think of it as muscle cell proliferation, or even the splitting of the cell so 1 becomes Thats why its perfect on cycle when you get increased muscle cell growth too. What other benefits? Taken froma study in germany.

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IGF-1 can genetically change muscular and cellular counts within the body; it can also enhance the body's ability to regenerate damaged tissue. In fact, IGF-1 is now under intensive research for its potential to repair tissue in burn patients, and for its regenerative effects on AIDS patients suffering from muscular wasting.

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Immediate effects are, of course, impossible to observe since it takes a respectable amount of time to see any visible changes in muscular repair" But muscle size and shape can be seen quite quickly through a course of IGF-LR3 Doseage and use.

The best dose for muscle cell proliferation is 40mcg bi-lateraly for men, and 20mcg for women And 20 in each bicep for women.

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This can be done in any 2 matching muscle groups. This should be done for 40 days max and then have 30 days off. What you need to be carefull of is adequate carb intake when using IGF, Especialy this version as its long lasting, it will literaly leech glucose to cause its localised muscle enhancing effects, similar to the way in wich insulin works, This goes on for hours, You should take in 20g of carbs 5 grams slow release and 15 g fast, for every hour its active for the first 7 hours.

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Based on a mans dose, so a women halfs this. Then pwo meal of 40g carbs, 30 slow release and 10g fast release carbs That covers you for 2 more hours.

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Some people prefer to dose 70 g carbs with there pre-workout meal, and 70 grams of carbs 4 hours later, but themost anabolic option is the one i outlined, causing a constant supply of everything you cla fat burner apžvalga guru mann to maximise its effects. Only dose on workout days and a maximum of 3 times a week. Use a 1" insulin syringe and only inject directly into muscle, and reconstitue with Acetic acid, once reconstituted keep refrigerated and use within 6 months.

Why dose pre-workout? When do you get muscle cell proliferation?

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This is when the muscle actualy breaks down during intense exercise, this causes localised IGF-1 levels to sky rocket, Thats why Arachadionic acid works, because it increased localised IGF-1 levels, causing an increased inflammatry response to muscle degradation or breakdown, So by using IGF-LR3 pre workout you recieve the benefits of Hyperplasia straight away, cla fat burner apžvalga guru mann waiting for nearly 2 hours to use your IGF.

So you increase the window of growth time period, during its most significant period. Plus by eating your Pre workout meal you fuel your workout and allow for your muscles to take advantage of the huge pumps IGF-LR3 can cause as your muscles are flooded with nutrients, blood and increased localised IGF-1 levels.

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Using the protocol i outlined above, after weeks of experimenting and trying new ideas i found great success. I focused on my triceps and biceps, In 4 weeks of the above protocol i added a depth to my tricep horseshoe and shape that i havent seen in many other bodybuilders, and i increased the severity of my bicep peak, 0.

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Lethargy is a big one as carbs are used to increase muscle cell proliferation and not used as readily for fuel. The big one to watch out for is burning from the acetic acid when its reconstituted, and the Hypoglycemia, Always have plenty of carbs on hand in case the sides hit you hard!!! Kind regards.

RS This article will discuss the use of Mechano growth factor and clear up a few myths.

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What makes MGF special is its unique role in muscle growth. MGF has the ability to cause wasted tissue to grow and improve itself by activating muscle stem cells and increasing the upregulation of protein synthesis, this unique ability can rapidly improve recovery and speed up muscle growth.

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MGF can initiate muscle satellite stem cell activation in addition to its IGF-Ireceptor domain which ithen in turn ncreases protein synthesis turnover, and therefore can if used correctly improve muscle mass over time.

The liver produces 2 kinds of MGF splice variants of igf. MGF differs from the second variant IGF-IEa as it has a different peptide sequence which is responsible for replenishing the satellite cells in skeletal muscle, in other words it is more anabolic and longer acting than the systematic release of the second MGF liver variant.